Football, The Sports That Taken Over the World

Today, it is almost impossible to state the sport without referring to football. Having become very popular, this sport has conquered the world and its popularity continues to grow. However, soccer hadn’t been very previously known like nowadays. So what are the factors that revealed football? Discover all the answers through this article.

England at the Heart of Football’s Popularity

To understand the popularity of football, one should first refer to its origin. Indeed, modern football was born in the public schools of England. It was created essentially to teach students discipline, to channel their violence and teach them courage. As you read about this, also read about the 토토사이트.

Football made its appearance in the world in 1848, initially with fairly laborious matches. This is due to the differences that had to be resolved before the start of the match, because each team developed its own rules of the game. It was then necessary to create association football in 1863 to establish rules of the game for all. Over time, it has become very popular in England. They did not hesitate to export it to other continents.

The Advent of War Is a Determining Factor in the Evolution of Football

Being able to be played even in time of war, football has known its rise thanks also to this factor. The practice of football developed at the front, more precisely in the cantonments of Belgian, French and Italian troops.

In addition, the influence on the recreation of the hairy British troops gave another dimension to football. Added to this, the involvement of the General Staff and the Ministry of War had a very big impact on football. It was also an important activity for prisoners of war. However, in wartime, the matches were short, 40 minutes of play.

The Practice of Football Is a Triggering Factor for Its Popularity

The rules of the game of football being simple and accessible to all, they were at the origin of its expansion. The rarity of goals and the absence of time outs apart from half-time are factors that are also at the origin of the evolution of this sport. Time outs considered wasted time were an anomaly in football. You won’t find long talks and long imposed streaks in football.

Also, unlike other disciplines, in football there are not enough goals and it is common to have draws. The unpredictability and suddenness of these goals also makes football unique. In addition, the game rules are very easy to understand. It’s just about competing and trying to score as many goals as possible. This is what makes it particularly simple and very well known.

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