Learn How to Play Online Casino Dice Games and Win Real Money

Dice is one of the most iconic casino games. Both beginners and pro players love to try their hand at this game. It is because the game rules are easy and very entertaining. Again, there are many variations of dice games available on the internet. They share the same game rules with a little variation. On the other hand, this particular game holds quite an attractive record of winning money. Now, beginners and experts have the logic to play the game.

What is a Dice Game?

A dice game uses two or three dice with 1- 6 numbers to determine the results. Here dealers roll the dice to get. Players can put their bet on the outcome of two or three dice. And the person who bets on an equal number to the dice will win the game. It is one of the oldest casino games that people practice. And since online casinos are getting popular worldwide, the game has become very popular among players.

Types of Dice Games-

There are a total of thirteen types of dice games available. Most games use two or three dice, but five dice are also used. Now most common and available games on online casinos are Sic-bo. It is one of the most entertaining and well-paying games in the casinos. Let’s understand how it plays.

How to Play Dice Game?

The game goes through three simple steps. But before you bet, you have to select your chips. There will be chips on the platform that you have chosen to play. You have to select your chips before you start betting. Here are the steps to play dice.

  • Place your Bet

You must choose the number you want to bet for and put your chips on that number. This number should be the sum of the two or three dice used in the game. The betting numbers can be raised depending on the figure of the dice.

  • Rolling the Dice– Depending on your game selection, the dice will be rolled. For example, if you play online dice games, the computer will roll the dice. But if you have chosen a live dice game, the live dealer will dice the roll.
  • Declare the Result– The person who bet on the number close to the dice’s number will win the game. For example- suppose you are playing SIC-BO (one of the most prestigious dice games); here, three dice are used to determine the result. Now suppose you have bet on number 17. When the dealer rolls, if one of the dice shows 5, 6 and 6 and the total of three dice equals 17, you will win the game.

Once you win the game, the winning money will be added to your account. Now no matter what dice game you are playing, the rule is the same.

But you may feel like the dice games depend on wild guesses, which is quite true. But you can use some strategies to increase your winning opportunities and money value.

Strategy to Win Dice-

  • Start with Checking the Previous Record– No strategy can replace this process.Every online casino has a chart of the game that shows the most common winning number. You have to identify what are the numbers, and you have to put your bet on those numbers.
  • Try to Bet on the high-end numbers– High-end numbers in dice games are 3 and 18 if you are playing a three-dice game. They have a minimal chance but the maximum outcome. These two numbers specifically have the highest payout, which is 150X.
  • Try to Bet on the Most Common Numbers– 8,9,10,11,12,13 are the most common numbers with the most winning records. Choose to stake on these numbers.
  • Start with Small– Do not spend your money on your first betting. Start with a small one and gradually increase the betting amount. It will keep you away from the tension of losing all your money at once.
  • Choose The Right Platform– Online betting has two different aspects: you can win a lot of money or lose a lot of money. But in both cases, remember to choose the right platform. The right platform will give you protection from scamming.

Final Words-

Dice games are extremely entertaining and well-paying. Since it’s arrived on online platforms, many players often choose to play the game. But online betting and the outcome are quite dependent on the website chosen. So, ensure you have chosen a platform that gives you the maximum outcome.

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