Online gambling in a legal and responsible way

Gambling online is one of the most famous past-times for years now. It doesn’t really matter if you know sports or not. Online bookmakers have advanced their way of conduct in the last two decades and tried their best to make betting online easy and profitable. 

Everyone can join one of the largest subcultures in the world and on many different sites. 

One of the best gambling sites, also the oldest one is Bet365. They have been around ever since the Internet became a thing, and what separates them additionally from all other online bookmakers is the fact that Bet365 was founded by a woman. 

Denise Coates joined with her brother and father, slowly but surely, initiated an online version of their betting walk-in office before anyone else dared. 

She somehow knew that the Internet will bring endless possibilities to playing online, and boy was she right! After Bet365 became a part of the whole world, other bookmakers followed, but not as successfully as Bet365. 

Possibilities of using Bet365 in Croatia

Due to certain betting laws in various countries in the world, Bet365 banned betting online in the same countries. Because of those laws, players in certain countries cannot access Bet365 directly but have to use alternative links or mirror-links. 

Players without direct access to Bet365 can check out the mirror-links available on this site: One of the examples is Croatia, where online gambling is allowed, but only on sites that are domestic. On the other hand, the domestic sites don’t offer that many bonuses and also take something called – manipulative expense from every single winning. 

In short, online gambling in Croatia means that you will never win the full amount predicted from your wagers. Betting with Bet365, the money won is won and there are no additional expenses that will change that. 

So, opting in for an alternative link is something we would recommend for all Croatian players, especially serious ones that can even earn extra cash with numerous possibilities that Bet365 offers. 

Betting paradise for the most loyal players

Denise was aware that territorial boundaries and time frames will not matter in the online world. That’s why she insisted that their online version gives as many options possible at the time to their loyal players. 

That included minor league soccer games, all sports events that are played around the world, regardless of the location and time zone. That means that players based in Europe had a chance to bet on events played on other continents and vice versa. 

In 2004. Bet365 implemented a few novelties that prove their intention to grow further. The first one was introducing their site in other languages than English as if they knew the Internet will make the world a smaller place. 

Originally the Bet365 site was available in German, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, and Norwegian. Slowly and in time, they improved their list and added many other world languages.

Another novelty was introducing different currencies of the world, available as a means of payment on their site. 

Today, Bet365 is available in 17 languages, supports 29 currencies, and  enjoys the trust of over 6 million loyal players, which says that the quality of their site only gets better. 

Bonuses and promotions that offer Bet365

Bonuses are a typical way for online bookmakers to attract new potential players. This is not a new thing and all gambling sites have a promotion scheme, through which their most loyal participants are rewarded on a regular basis. 

Bet365 stands out in this category also, and from the very start. Other than standard bonuses, they also offer customized prizes, loyalty points, and a decent way to earn some extra cash on the side. 

Once a player is registered on their website, the next step should be investing a deposit to start online wagering. 

For a downpayment of 5 euros, each player will receive a welcome bonus in the same amount of betting credits. The maximum amount that can be received is 25 euros. This bonus has become eligible in certain countries, where players don’t have direct access to this bookmaker. In these cases, players can use mirror links or alternative links that emulate the real website, to avoid the restrictions in bylaws of their country. 

The most loyal players are eligible to receive free betting credits or loyalty points randomly and without previous notification. Bet365 keeps an eye on their most active players, rewarding them with free betting credits for live-in-play betting, in case they make a deposit in the amount of 25 – 50 euros. 

Another way of earning extra incentive to stay active on Bet365 is a bonus 0-0. 

This is also available only to their most active players and it allows them to receive back the total amount deposited on a certain event in case of a 0-0 result. 

This exceptional bonus is valid only on certain tournaments and just for significant players. 

For players that like to play predicting small details, there is an amazing bonus available and it’s called the first goalscorer bonus. In case the goalscorer manages to score but isn’t the first goalscorer, Bet365 classifies this as a winning bet at ⅓ of the odds. 

To be eligible to win all these bonuses and continue playing without limitations, all players must respect the T&C, and make at least one bet in the first 90 days after registering. Also, for players that try to open two different accounts, the account will be blocked, because this action is strictly against the rules. 

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