UK 49s Lottery – a Lottery of Choice for Numerous South African Players



The number of lotteries in the world continues to grow, but there are many games out there that have been popular for years. UK 49s is a widely played lottery game that offers a combination of simple rules and a chance to win significant rewards. Just as the name suggests, the game comes from the United Kingdom, but this hasn’t prevented it from becoming a beloved lottery of South Africans.

Gambling is one of the favorite pastime activities of people in South Africa. It’s not only fun to make bets, but it’s also a real opportunity to improve the quality of life for people. UK49s can be easily accessed online, so players don’t have to move to a different country to be able to play.

UK49s: rules and advantages

Simplicity is one of the prominent features of UK 49s. You don’t have to learn complicated rules or develop elaborate strategies, as all you need is the desire to play, an Internet connection, and a bit of free time.

The draws of this lottery are held twice a day — 14:49 SAST and 19:49 SAST. The earlier draw is referred to as the Lunchtime draw while the one that takes place later is called the Teatime draw. The main rule of the game is that you have to choose 6 balls with numbers from 49 options. Those who want to increase the chances of winning can also choose a Booster bonus ball that gives them this opportunity. To be on the safe side, players can also choose only one ball from the pool. While it is more likely that you will match one number during the draw, you should also remember that the potential payouts will be lower.

The advantages associated with this lottery include the following:

  • Tangible winnings that can change a person’s life
  • A great reputation that was established almost 30 years ago
  • A diverse structure that allows players to choose the size of their bet
  • Draws take place every day as opposed to many other well-known weekly lotteries

YesPlay — play UK 49s easily and from any location

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